An Exploration of Human Behavior in Dog Training,

with Andrew Hale:

Whose behavior is it anyway?

‘We tend to judge others by their behavior, and ourselves by our intentions’ Albert F Schlieder

In this talk Andrew will be taking us on a philosophical reappraisal of how we view behavior, both our own and the behavior of dogs. He will also question some of the perceived wisdoms we have regarding the current outlook of training and behavior of companion dogs. Andrew will examine what is meant by the emotional experience and it’s unique and personal connection to how we represent ‘self’. By inviting listeners to consider their own behavior, their own motivations and their own emotional experience, Andrew hopes to allow a shift in how we perceive the behavior of others, including our dogs.

Learning objectives:

  • Explore what is meant by the emotional experience
  • Consider the importance of the emotional experience as a drive to behavior
  • Examine what connects humans and dogs through the emotional experience
  • To consider the concept of relief in the role of behavior

The seminar is suitable for veterinary professionals, animal trainers, animal behaviorists and anyone with an interest in the neuroscience of training and behavior.

About Andrew:

Andrew Hale has a degree in psychology and previously worked in human therapy. For the last 10 years Andrew has been working with animals, primarily dogs, as a Certified Animal Behaviorist. In both careers Andrew has had a passion for exploring and unpacking the emotional experience and what it means for delivering a human or animal centered care approach.

Andrew has played a leading role in the UK Dog training and behavior community, having been the chair of the Association of INTODogs and the driving force behind the UK Dog Behavior and Training Charter. He is the behavioral consultant for Pet Remedy and the British Isle Grooming Association. Andrew runs Dog Centered Care – FB group